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About Kars for Kids


Kars for kids is a national car donation charity that accepts cars throughout the US and has garnered much media attention for the many valuable and unique programs they sponsors.

These programs include winter coat giveaways, Nutritional assistance programs, summer camps for inner-city kids and many other youth development programs. These youth programs are primarily geared to children and young adults and help foster a sense of belonging in these kids.
Published studies have shown that kids who have mentors and go to after school programs get better grades, have more self-confidence and are more likely to graduate from school, the programs sponsored by kars for kids are all geared towards those goals.

Among the more unique programs Kars4kids funds is the “Kars for kids” program. A program where cars are donated to different vocational schools to enable young adults to get hands-on real world training in repairing different vehicles. This program is very valuable because it gives these kids the ability to acquire life skills so they can be productive members of their communities.

Kars for kids is also a leader in living green and being in touch with the environment. Kars for kids recycles a large percentage of the cars they receive as part of their efforts to protect the environment. As part of their rigorous selection process, cars that are near the end of their useful lifespan are vetted thoroughly to ensure that no environmentally unsafe cars enter the market.

To take a part in the programs that Kars for kids conducts or to learn more about the many unique and innovative Kars for kids programs visit them at



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